Competitive Skateboarding

There are different competition varieties within the skate: – Shiftwork or freestyle competition: this takes place in a skate park, where the skaters take turns in groups of 3 or 4, and for a given time, they go out and perform a series of stunts freely, which will be valued according to their complexity, height, risk, or cleanliness when playing it.

The categories are amateur and professional, and the groups will go according to the age of the participants. It shall not be permitted to obstruct the other participants, an action which shall be punishable by expulsion or loss of turn, depending on its gravity.

These tests are usually attended by a large number of participants, as there is the possibility of obtaining a sponsor or winning a cash prize. The duration of each round is about 3 minutes. -S. K. A. T. E: in this competition, it is not allowed the use of ramps, and you can only perform tricks for turning of the skateboard in the air (flips). In this competition, when one participant performs a trick, the other must copy it. If you are unable to copy it or fail it, you get a letter, S, K, A, T, and E, successively. When one of the players completes the word “skate,” the competition is over, the winner being the one who has not completed the word.

In these tests, there are usually two participants, although up to 10 players can also participate. The duration of the test is variable. – Career: proof of great risk, it is usually underground, that is, that it is not official and that, therefore, the danger is much greater. It consists of lowering an asphalted slope at high speed on a skateboard, being able to stand or Sit as needed. The speeds reached can reach 80 km/h on rare occasions, and the falls are obviously terrible, with breaks and wounds.

World Cup Skateboarding – 2019

The street championship of the World Cup Skateboarding returns to Vigo for another year, and for the third time, you will also be able to enjoy the Miniramp modality, both qualifying for the World Cup Skateboarding 2019. On the one hand, a new and cutting-edge skate park that we will soon advance and on the other the Miniramp where legends and new promises of the world skateboard will gather. Both circuits will be integrated into the Transatlantic Pier and will have their own stands and additional catering and leisure services.

Skateboarding at the Olympics

World Skate announces the Skateboarding classification system for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. After several meetings with the IOC, World Skate has identified the final procedures for skateboarders ‘ qualifications at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Skateboarding Qualifying System combines national and continental competitions with major international skateboarding events around the world to create a qualifying path accessible to every skateboarder.

This progressive system ensures that the best skaters on the planet will have a fair chance to represent their countries on the biggest stage of the sport at the 2020 Tokyo Games.