Construction Photos

In reverse-chronological order: click on thumbnails to enlarge

Construction by Airspeed Skateparks. Airspeed crew members appearing in these photos: Melissa Ballantyne,

Michelle Buck, Nick Ferber, Chris Lynch, Justin McDowell, Stephanie Mohler, Geth Nobel, Dillon Smith, Scott Smith,

Gabe Solis, Gavin Temple

All photos © 2008 by Randy Lee. Use by permission only.

10/8: Tombstone

10/8: Making “Bricks”

10/7: Stairs

10/7: Brick Wall Ride

10/6: Trowling
Geth trowels below the pool coping

10/6: Pool Coping
Justin removes the wooden spacers below the coping
10/6: Spectator Area Flatwork

10/4: Coming Soon
The wall-ride with tombstone is ready to pour

10/4: Volunteer Day
Board Vice Chair Ric Widenor and Airspeed’s Stephanie Mohler direct young volunteers from the Boulder Skate Team, as they clean up the jobsite

10/2: Coming Together

10/2: Finished Manual Pad

10/2: Geth

10/2: Michelle

10/2: Vert Extension
Conpleted outside wall extension on the deep bowl

10/2: Manual Pad
Gabe removes the forms

10/1: Flatwork

10/1: Nick

10/1: Chris & Melissa

9/30: Final Wall
Forms for the faux-brick wall and tombstone

9/29: Deep Bowl Backside
Formed and ready

9/29: Final Flat
Ready to pour

Scott wets down the earth of the last remaining flat to be poured

9/27: Paradise Paved?
… or paved paradise? Gotta go with the latter

9/27: Imposing Massif
Cradle backside

9/25: Fall Color
… and perfect weather for building a skatepark

9/25: Overview
The skatepark from across the inlet

9/25: Final Touches
… on the front edge of the cradle shell. From left, Stephanie, Melissa, Geth

9/25: Skateable Backside
You can skate this cradle inside and out

9/25: Daily Maintenance
Scott cleans out the shotcrete pump

9/24: Street Area Deck
… and more

9/24: Back of Cradle
Ready to shoot

9/19: Volunteers
NEDSK8 Vice Chair Ric Widenor and two members of the Boulder Skate Team help level the deck surfaces

9/19: Deck Work
Nick applies finishing touches to the deck around the pool

9/18: Street Pour
Another section of the street area perimieter was poured today

9/17: Love Seat

9/17: Steet Area Progress

9/17: Final Work on Flow Bowl
Scott, Melissa, Michelle and Chris perform final work on the last pout of the flow bowl

9/17: Flow Bowl
Final section

9/17: Upper Cradle 3

9/17: Upper Cradle 2
Michelle, Geth, Stephanie

9/17: Upper Cradle 1
Melissa, Nick and Geth

9/16: Done!
Geth and Stephanie can stop to take a breather

9/16: Street Pocket
Busy day, with three separate areas poured

9/16: Finished Corner

9/16: Final Touch Up
Michelle and Melissa finish up the corner

Bet you won’t find many skatepark crews with three gals finishing concrete …

9/16: Deep Bowl
The final corner of the deep bowl poured

9/16: Son of Abominable Concrete Man?
The predictable results of working in the cloud (Justin)

9/16: Cement Cloud
Justin shoots the first layer of the cradle dome

9/15: Ready to Shoot

9/14: Cradle Progress
Gavin and Chris working on the endoskeleton

9/14: Wheaties Man?
Or just horse play? Gavin and Justin pose in and on the cradle’s endoskeleton

9/13: Cradle Crawl
Geth works on the cradle’s endoskeleton

9/13: Cradle Skeleton
The main support pipes are in place

9/12: Cradle
This was the “easy” half

9/12: Street Pour
The first street bank was poured on the 11th

9/12: Just Like the Coast of Oregon!
Mother Nature is making the Airspeed folks feel at home

9/11: Busy Site
But a task for everyone

9/11: Lower Cradle
Gavin warms freshly-shot concrete, while Geth shapes the bottom of the cradle

9/11: Finished Pyramid

9/10: Great Pyramid of Nederland?
Close enough.

Geth, Chris and Gabe put the finishing touches on the street area pyramid

9/10: Finished Corner

9/10: 1st Street Area Pour
Nick, Scott, Ryan and Gabe level the top of the pyramid

9/10: Progress
Melissa, Justin (top) and Geth

9/10: Deus Ex Machina?
… or a creative way to shoot a difficult area?

Geth guides Justin on a rotating perch, as they shoot a corner of the deep bowl

9/10: Synchronized Trowling
Watch for it, at the next summer Olympics

Chris, Justin, Michelle work the top of the bowl

9/8: Pyramid
Ready to pour

9/7: Moving Along
Michelle and Justin set rebar at the base of the cradle for this week’s pours

9/7: Mini Bowl
The flat is left unpoured to discourage “poachers”

9-5: Keepin’ Warm
How to stay warm on a cold Nederland afternoon? By wielding picks, rakes, shovels and other implements of destruction …

9-5: Street Form Work
Chris, Scott and Nick set forms in the street course

9-5: Creatures of the Mist?
Clockwise from foreground, Gabe, Chris, Geth, Melissa, and Michelle work a section of freshly-poured transition on a cold and foggy Nederland morning

9/4: Helping Out
NEDSK8 volunteer Scott Lickstein cleans cement finishing tools


9/4: Mini Bowl
The Airspeed crew finishes up the mini bowl transitions

9-3: Final Touches
Geth and Melissa finish smoothing the second hip of the flow bowl

9-3: Second Hip

9-3: First Hip

9-3: Hub of Activity
The 2nd pour of the flow bowl is underway

9-2: Final Prep
Melissa and Gabe make final preparations for the next day’s pour

8/30: Sic Skating Ahead
Michelle and Gavin clean up after the pour

8/30: Finished Pool
Well, almost – add a deck, some pool coping, maybe some stairs …

8-29: Flow Bowl
Friday the 29th saw the first pour of the flow bowl. Geth, Scott, Nick Stephanie and Michell work to shape the concrete

8-28: Final Touches
Geth and Stephanie near completion of the pool

8-28: Abominable Concrete Man?
Nah – Just Gavin taking a well-earned break

8-28: Shallow End
Scott, Justin, Geth, Melissa, and Stephanie work the shallow end of the pool

8-28: Concrete the Hard Way
When the last truck pulled away, and more concrete was needed, Gavin sprang into action. As the afternoon wore on, he began to look like his work …

8-28: Troweling
Scott and Michelle trowel from above

8-28: Busy Jobsite
From left: Melissa and Chris check the depth of applied shotcrete, Geth levels the wall, Gavin removes excess concrete from the pool floor, and Justin applies more shotcrete

8-28: Shotcrete
Justin shoots the pool – completed in a single day

8-27: Dirty Work
Justin mans the shotcrete gun during a test pour

8-27: First Pour
Justin and Gavin begin shooting a preliminary pour, to get the kinks out before the pool is shot on the 28th

8-27: Flow Bowl
The flats were formed 8/26

8-27: A Cradle is Born
Beginnings of the cradle

8-27: Mini Bowl
Melissa sets the coping for the mini bowl

8-25: Some Serious Vert
This vert’s for you, Tony!

8-23: It Has To Go Somewhere
Stephanie hauls off the dirt excavated from the street area to place around the wall perimeter

8-22: Working in Tandem
Geth and Nick excavate the street course

8-22: Nick Cruizin’
What’s not to smile about? The street area is almost cleared

8-22: Ready for Mud!
The rebar has been placed and tied in the pool

8-21: Nathan Lazarus
Geth Nobel shows Nathan how the big Cat works, during Nathan’s site visit on August 21st

8-20: Flow Bowl
The steel coping that will form the rim of the flow bowl is being placed

8-20: Stick Farm
The pool and deep end of the flow bowl sprout wooden forms around their rims

8-16: Pool
Gavin & Scott set forms for the pool

8-16: Bowls Emerging
Forms are being set for the pool, while in the foreground, the flow bowl takes shape

8-14: Construction Site
… as seen from across the inlet to Barker Reservoir

8-14: Trail Rebuilding
The rebuilding of the Barker Reservoir Trail is nearing completion

8-11: Walls Complete
Well, almost complete …

8-9: Trail Reconstruction Begins
Geth begins moving fill material for the Barker Reservoir Trail, which should reopen in a few days

8-7: Pool Area
The wall enclosing the pool is virtually complete

8-7: Thumbs Up
“Goin’ well,” says Gavin

8-6: Break Time
Hey, nice shirt, Geth!

8-6: Taking Shape

8-6: Retaining Wall Progress

8-4: Steady …
Nick and Justin guide a block into place

8-4: Laboring in the Trenches
Gavin and Dillon work to level the gravel bed for the block

8-1: Finished Corner
More progress on the walls with the first finished inside corner

7-31: Slowly But Surely …
… the walls rise. Slow delivery of the blocks has been a problem, but once the pool area is enclosed, work can begin on the pool, while the blocks continue to trickle in

7-30: Boulder Wall
A wall of boulders forms, which will raise the elevation of the Barker Reservoir Trail alongside the skatepark

7-29: Walls Rising
With the 1st course of blocks and the french drain in place, the walls are beginning to rise. Here, Geth discusses progress with NEDSK8 Board member Paul, while Dillon packs up the laser

7-29: Eat My Dust
Melissa dumps a load of gravel, as Geth, Dillon and Gavin wait to spread it

7-29: Spreading Gravel
Dillon, Gavin, Geth attack some gravel, while in the background, NEDSK8 Board members Paul and Stephen discuss the one that got away

7-29: Out, Out, Damn Rocks!
Melissa, Nick and Justin mine for boulders

7-26: The Master
Geth moves a retaining wall block into place

7-26: Giant Legos
Melissa and Dillon guide a block into place

7-25: 1st Course
The first course of Redi-Rock snakes it’s way around the perimeter of the park

7-25: Unloading
Scott fastens a chain to a Redi-Rock block

7-24: 1st Load
The Airspeed crew prepares to unload the 1st truckload of Redi-Rock blocks

7-22: Break Time
Clockwise, from lower-left: Gavin, Melissa, Dillon, Scott

7-19: Prep for Walls
Geth and Dillon prepare the bed for the block walls

7-17: Drainage System Is In
Drain pipes keep a vigil over the job site

7-15: Day 1 of Construction
Geth and Gavin dig trenches for the drainage system